DBSK ‘She’ Lyrics & English Translation


nungamado boyeoyo
meolli isseodo arayo
geunyeoga eolmana yeppeun saramin geonji

sondo mot daegenneun geollyo
kkaejyeo beoril geot gatayo
geunyeoga eolmana yeorin saramin geonji

saramdeul sogeseo utgo inneun
jeo cheonsaneun naui geunyeojyo

*aigachi jarangseureowoyo
babo gateun pyojeong dwaebeoryeoyo
jebal naegeman useoyo oh SHE~ SHE~
dangsinui kkeuchigo sipeungeollyo
geu gotmani cheongugin geollyo
sesang hana ppunin oh SHE~ SHE~

jajonsimi ganghan saram
jeoldae ulji annneun saram
geunyeoneun eolmana dokhan saramin geonji

yuchihan nae jangnanedo
maebeon jeulgeowohajiman
geugeosi jinsiminji moreul ttaedo isseoyo

almyeon alsurok moreugesseo
jeo sarami naui geunyeojyo


o nan geunyeoreul arayo Baby
na ppunijyo
saranghaneun saramman al su itjyo
geunyeoui nunmulkkaji



Even when I close my eyes, I can see.
Even when I am far away, I know.
How beautiful of a person she is.

I don’t want to let go of her hands.
It feels as if we’ll shatter.
How delicate of a person she is.

The person who is laughing amongst those people
That angel is my lady.

*I feel childishly proud
My expression becomes like an idiot
Please laugh only with me, oh SHE~ SHE~
I want to be your last.
You’re my heaven.
Only one in the world, oh SHE~ SHE~

She is very prideful
She never cries
How strong of a person she is

Even at my lame jokes
She is always laughing
Although, I there are times when I’m not sure if she’s honestly laughing.

The more I know you, The more I can’t understand you.
That person is my lady


Oh, I know this lady, Baby
Only I know
Only those who love her can know
Even her tears



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